Quote of the Day – Where you are going is all that matters

Everyday is a new opportunity, full of hope, new light and new experiences, a chance to start over. If a change is needed, take a deep breath and stride forward into the first step of now.

Follow your own path
Follow your own path

Quote of the Day – Waking Dreams

Waken the lion within you and have the courage to follow your dreams.

Waking Dreams
Waking Dreams

Quote of the Day – Creative Hunch

We are all but whispers in the wind,

The creative flow that bears no bounds,

When perfection calls to express through you …

Is told in strokes and colours blue ~ Cheryl Mary Coleman

Creative Hunch 2
Creative Hunch


Quote of the Day – Spent Time

Time is a most valuable commodity when used wisely.

Spending time
Spending Time Wisely


Quote of the Day – Expressing Gratitude

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Expressing Gratitude
Expressing Gratitude

Quote of the Day – Learning is a Treasure

Everyday is a golden opportunity to learn something new.  Will you add to your treasure trove today?

Life Learning
Life Learning

Quote of the day – ‘This is your life’

Time is purely a construct of the human mind.

Time is limited
Live your Life