Are you following the path of trinity awareness?

Each and everyone of us have our own unique paths to follow, but what we all have in common no matter what is that we are each gifted with a mind, a body and a soul.

Here at Trinity Awareness our aim is to be able to share and help those who are looking to become fully aware in all three areas of their lives, to bring balance and harmony to the learning experience.


Quote of The Day – Time or Money?

Pocket Watch And Five Dollar Bills
Pocket Watch And Five Dollar Bills

Quote of the Day – Carve your own Trail

Leave a trail

Quote of the Day – Look where you are going!

Fix your eyes

Quote of the Day – Where you are going is all that matters

Everyday is a new opportunity, full of hope, new light and new experiences, a chance to start over. If a change is needed, take a deep breath and stride forward into the first step of now.

Follow your own path
Follow your own path

Quote of the Day – Waking Dreams

Waken the lion within you and have the courage to follow your dreams.

Waking Dreams
Waking Dreams

Quote of the Day – Creative Hunch

We are all but whispers in the wind,

The creative flow that bears no bounds,

When perfection calls to express through you …

Is told in strokes and colours blue ~ Cheryl Mary Coleman

Creative Hunch 2
Creative Hunch